Open letter

On behalf of Kien Giang Construction and Investment Consulting Joint Stock Company (CIC GROUP), I would like to send to our customers, investors; departments and agencies; CIC GROUP's shareholders and employees, the most sincere thanks for the support and cooperation during the establishment and development process of the Group.

Along with the trend of development and integration, grasping opportunities, CIC GROUP has been put all resources together for investment - developing fields that are considered advantage and key of the Group.  CIC GROUP gradually affirmed its position in the fields of real estate investment, design and construction consultancy, financial investment and education in which the field of real estate investment is the top priority field.

Experiencing the development process, with the right orientation as well as the professional management and administration of the board of management and the continuous efforts of the enthusiastic and qualified staffs and workers. CIC GROUP gradually affirmed its brand and position in real estate investment business. The top goal of CIC GROUP is to bring the highest satisfaction to customers as well as make a difference in our products. In any product of CIC GROUP, it shows the devotion to customers, considering the house of customers is our home. With the desire to create characteristic mark imprint for CIC GROUP to gradually affirm that it is a product brand of quality, efficiency and aesthetics.

To achieve that goal, CIC GROUP is committed to implementing the following policies:

* For customersWe always look forward to cooperating to collect their feedbacks and opinions, understand and share, provide to customers…

* For agencies, departments and investorsWe always implement projects in accordance with the order and regulations of the law. We always adhere to the provisions of the legal system in the areas of Investment, Construction, Land and Housing, contributing greatly to the socio-economic development in the locality.

* For employees and workersWe always create a professional working environment, constantly innovate, always listen and implement remuneration policies commensurate with their dedication, so that they always stick and develop copper act with the development of the Group.

* For social communityHarmonizing business interests and community benefits. Actively participate in local activities to do well the work of social security. With the motto "Quality - Efficiency – Beauty - Discipline“ we will bring to our valued customers the products that will meet the increasing needs of customers.

With the initial successes with the support of customers;departments and agencies; investors' trust and efforts ofthe Board of Directors, Board of
Management and thesolidarity of allemployees and workers of the Group, westrongly believe CIC GROUP will grow more and more, to become one of the business group in investment, construction, real estate, commercial service and education not only for the Southwest region and but also for the whole country.